Dinner Menu

At Ludlow Country Club you guests can enjoy excellent cuisine all in a pleasant, private atmosphere.  We offer private function rooms varying in size for groups of 30-250 guests. Pricing  includes a candle centerpiece and 85" x 85" table cloth and napkins in your color choice.

Please note that our dinner prices do not include 6.25% MA tax ,  .75% local tax and 18% gratuity.

Saturday daytime functions are from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday evening functions* are from 6:30 p.m.** to 12:30 a.m.

*A minimum of 75 Guests is required for a Saturday evening function
** an early arrival fee of $500.00 added to your final bill for arrival times between 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Ludlow Country Club reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions.  Liability for damage to the premises will be charged accordingly.  The Country Club does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of property brought onto the premises.

Cocktail Service

Champagne & Wine

Wine, champagne or spumante toast…  $ 2.50 per glass
House Champagne (by the bottle) $16.00
Spumante (by the bottle) $16.00
Non-Alcoholic Wine (by the bottle) $13.50
Bottle of Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Chianti or Zinfandel $19.00


Champagne and wine punch $60.00 Per Gallon
Non-alcoholic punch   $40.00 Per Gallon

Beverage fountains are available at an additional cost


Domestic Beer $4.00
Imported Beer $5.00
Wine $7.00
Mixed drinks $6.00
Top Shelf   $7.00 and up

A bar set-up charge of $200.00 will be added if the bar revenue does not exceed $300.00 per function.


A full service bar serving all of your favorite brands:

One Hour - $ 15.00 per person
Two Hour - $ 19.95 per person
Five Hours - $ 25.95 per person

*champagne toast or bottles of wine are not included in the open bar.

1 hour open soda bar - $5.00 per person
5 hour open soda bar - 8.00 per person 

Consumption Bar

Recording the amount of liquor consumed per drink in a specific time period or setting a specific dollar amount. 


Hors d`oeuvres

Standard Selection………………..............…….$75.00 per 50 piece tray
Skewered Fruit and Cheese                                  Cajun, Ranch or Garlic Chicken Wings
Assorted finger sandwiches                                 Skewered sausage and peppers
Stuffed deviled eggs                                                Barbecued spareribs
Tomato and basil bruschetta                               Chinese egg rolls
Artichoke hearts tapenade                                   Vegetable Tempura
Chicken salad tartlets                                              Italian or Swedish meatballs
Crabmeat & Seafood salad                                     Sliced kielbasa with duck sauce    
Mushroom caps with seafood stuffing            Thai-style spring rolls
Pork Pot Stickers with Asian Dipping Sauce          

PREMIUM SELECTIONS…………………..…..$100.00 per 50 piece tray
Melon wrapped in prosciutto                             Scallops wrapped in bacon    
Clams & oysters on the half shell                      Spinach spanikopia
Jalapeno poppers                                                     Chicken Satay
Miniature Beef Wellingtons                               Miniature Crab Cakes with Remoulade sauce
Herring and sour cream                                       Pork Dumplings with soy dipping sauce
Miniature Chicken Cordon Bleus                     Crispy Potato pancakes with sour cream
Wild mushrooms phyllo purses                         Fried fantail shrimp    
Filo wrapped asparagus spears                          Chinese chicken brochette
Miniature Quiches                                                  Teriyaki beef satay                         

Additional House Specialties

Assorted Fruit, cheese and crackers                       Small  $100.00       Medium $175.00      Large $250.00      Extra Large $300.00
Fresh raw vegetables and dip                                     Small $ 95.00          Medium $150.00      Large $225.00      Extra  Large $250.00  

Small serves 25-50 guests, Medium services 50-150 guests, Large serves 150-200 guests, Extra Large serves 200-250 guests

Fresh jumbo shrimp bowl - $185.00 per 100 pieces

Hor d` oeuvre Reception

One hour unlimited chef’s selection of hot and cold hor d`oeuvres
*cheese & Fruit Platter and Veggie & Dip Platter included
(Not available without full Dinner service, minimum of 50 guests)

Standard Items                  $7.95 per person Butler style & Buffet style
Premium Items                   $9.95 per person Butler style & Buffet style

Two hours unlimited chef’s selection of standard and premium hor d`oeuvres served buffet and butler style.
(In place of full Dinner Service, Minimum of 75 Guests)

$17.95 per person


Dinner Suggestions

Dinner entrée prices include:  appetizer, salad, potato, fresh vegetable, rolls and butter, dessert and coffee, tea or milk.

Appetizer (choice of one)

Fresh Fruit cup with sherbet
Soup du jour
French onion soup
Melon in season with sherbet
Penne pasta with sundried or traditional tomato sauce
Rainbow pasta with pesto sauce
Seafood cocktail with spicy lime cocktail sauce
Asparagus vinaigrette
Traditional shrimp cocktail ($7.95 additional per person)
Tortellini Alfredo ($2.25 additional per person)

Salad (choice of one)

Fresh Garden Salad
Caesar Salad
Mediterranean Salad with seasonal greens, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, black olives and red onions 
Spinach Salad with fresh mushrooms and chopped eggs

Potato (choice of one)

Oven roasted potato
Baked potato with sour cream
Fresh garlic mashed potato
Rice Pilaf
Maple flavored whipped sweet potato
Red Bliss potato with parsley
Baked stuffed potato ($2.25 additional per person)

Dessert (choice of one)

Chocolate Mousse
Apple crisp ala mode
Peach Melba
Brownie Sundae
Chocolate or Crème de menthe ice cream parfaits
Chocolate/chocolate ice cream pie ($2.50 additional per person)
Cheese cake with strawberries ($2.75 additional per person)

Additional dessert items are available upon request


Entrée Selections

(Limited to three selections)

Beef, Pork and Veal selections

Filet Mignon with merlot demi-glaze - $30.95
Roast Sirloin of Beef with a caramelized onion demi-glaze - $27.95
Prime Rib of Beef with au jus - $29.95
Roast pork with stuffing and natural gravy - $24.95
Double cut stuffed pork chops with a pork wine reduction - $24.95
Surf & Turf (Prime Rib & Stuffed Shrimp) - $31.95
Surf & Turf (Filet mignon & Stuffed Shrimp) - $32.95


Chicken Francaise - $26.95
Roast Tom Turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce - $25.95
Choose one:

Chicken Marsala with a mushroom and marsala wine reduction - $26.95

Fish and Shellfish

Baked Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp - $27.95
Fresh Grilled Swordfish - $27.95
Grilled Atlantic Salmon with dill hollandaise sauce - $27.95
Baked Boston Scrod with House dressing - $26.95
Scrod Mediterranean-topped with greek olives, spinach and tomatoes $27.95
Pan seared yellow Tuna with a citrus garlic butter sauce - $27.95

Vegetarian Entrée - $23.95

Children's Meal

Chicken Tenders and French Fries- $10.50


Dinner Buffet

Served to a minimum of 50 guests

Fresh Garden Salad (Choice of one)

Salad of Field Greens
Caesar Salad

Pasta (Choice of one)

Penne pasta with a choice of one sauce: Homemade meat sauce, pomodoro fresco or vodka cream sauce
Primavera vegetable
Tortellini or Fettuccini Alfredo
Bowtie pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce
Penne Pasta with chicken and broccoli
Linguini scampi

Entrees (Choice of two)

Roast Sirloin of Beef with caramelized onion demi-glaze
Roast Pork with Stuffing
Chicken Francaise
Chicken Marsala
Baked Boston Scrod with House Dressing
New England Pot Roast with julienne vegetables
Grilled Swordfish
Veal or Chicken Parmesan

Potato (Choice of one)

Garlic Mashed Potato
Oven Roasted Potato
Boiled Red Bliss Potato with Parsley
Au Gratin Potato
Rice Pilaf

Included with the above choices are: Vegetable of the Day, Assorted rolls and breads with butter, Coffee, tea and milk

Dessert (Choice of one)

Chocolate Mousse
Apple Crisp ala mode
Peach Melba
Chocolate, crème de menthe or caramel parfaits

Additional desserts items are available upon request

$26.95 per person

Children 5- 10 years old - $14.00 each
Children 4 years old and under – no charge



Served to a minimum of 60 guests
$25.95 per person

Salad Station

With assorted breads and butter

Carving Station

Roast Beef and Pork Loin with apple cider glaze

Pasta Station

Penne pasta with sundried tomato cream sauce
Roasted Vegetable
Linguini Scampi

Seafood Station

Medallions of Swordfish
Miniature Brochettes of smoke sausage, scallops and shrimp
Baked Boston Scrod


Chocolate Mousse
Apple Crisp ala mode
Peach Melba
Chocolate or Crème de menthe ice cream parfaits
Chocolate/chocolate ice cream pie ($2.50 additional per person)
Cheese cake with strawberries ($2.75 additional per person)

Additional items are available upon request

Coffee, tea and Milk

$28.95 per person

Children 5- 10 years old - $14.50 each
Children 4 years old and under – no charge


Additional Amenities

Antipasto Station

An assortment of fine Italian specialties… fresh cheeses and vegetables prepared and presented in grand Italian style.

  $5.95 per person

International Coffee Station

Server attended with espresso, cappuccino and flavored coffees

$2.75 per person
Run tab

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

A lavish display of dipping fruits and accompaniments

$5.00 per person

Ice cream buffets, dessert buffets and second meals are available upon request at an additional cost per person.


Additional Fees


Call us at (413) 583-3434 or email us at banquets@saltandpepperbanquets.com for more details.